Child Support RI

Child Support in RI

The laws of Rhode Island, USA concerning support for the child of separated or divorced parents are contained in Section 15 of Rhode Island’s General Law. These laws are concerned with many different issues surrounding child support in RI such as at what age of child support duty of parents terminates, who should provide health care insurance for the covered child and when a support order must be modified. The court can require a parent to make payments for the child support as well as educational expenses if the child is still a high school student during his/her 18th birthday and also for ninety days after the graduation of the child.

A parent can never be ordered by the court to provide support for the child who is already 19 years old. This provision is based on Section 15-9-1 of the RI General Laws. The court may issue a child support order anytime. The order should contain provisions which require any of the parents or both of them to provide their child with a health care insurance, if they can avail of the insurance at a reasonable price. This provision is specified in the child custody law of Rhode Island.

After a child support order is issued by the court, it may undergo some modifications subsequently if there are evidences presented to the court showing inefficiency of provisions concerning a parent’s income. Thus, if the income of any of the parents decreases, the court may change the order and reduce the support obligation of that parent. Moreover, the court may also make the reduction before the petition to revise the order is filed. In the event that a legal action needs to be taken against parents who are involved in any child support RI case wherein the issuance of a decree regarding child support is made and one of the parents is elusive, the court has the right to issue a summon for the missing party to come before the court after ample effort is exerted to find such individual. A number of copies of summon will be forwarded to the most recent home addresses of the missing individual or to the employer he/she has recently worked for.

If a parent currently has a child support order issued by the family court of Rhode Island, he/she can request higher payments when deemed necessary and appropriate. The parent may need to increase the amount of a child support in RI if child expenses become higher and/or the income of the other parent has increased which must lead to higher payments. The legal processes to make a request of payment increase vary depending on the length of time which has gone by after the current order takes effect. If it is shorter than three consecutive years, a motion for order modification can be filed. If longer than three years, a motion for adjustment can be filed by the parent and it shall undergo thorough review by the Louisiana family court.

If the parent has some specific question regarding his/her child support rights under the law of the state of Rhode Island, it is advisable to consult a qualified attorney who is based in the state and expert of family law. The parent may also contact the Office of Child Support Services of Rhode Island for professional assistance and important information. If a parent would like to request an increase in payments, the family court of the state is going to review the financial circumstances of both parents against the guidelines of the state regarding child support. The court then decides whether to have your modification request granted, decrease the amount of child support of either parent or retain all the provisions of the child support order.

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